We began our business in December 2006 as a result of building a new home and were trying to decide how we would cover our concrete slab.  We realized there were lots of options available in which to do this and after careful thought decided that we should let our concrete be our living surface.

After making this decision we started searching for an acid stain flooring contractor that could score and acid stain our concrete slab, however, after several inquiries we found that there weren't any available in this area that could do a professional job with good references without spending more than alternative flooring would cost.

After more research we concluded that we should attend a workshop/seminar and learn to acid stain our floors ourselves and we completed that workshop/seminar in December of 2006 and became certified installers of the Engrave-A-Crete system using unique tools and acid stains to create beautiful concrete floors.  In addition we have completed several other workshops offered in the decorative concrete arena such as Polished Concrete using Concrete Earths EcoGuard Green system and products, Concrete Overlays featuring SureCrete Design Products and Seamless Resinous flooring using FlexmarPolyaspartic coatings.  

If you are in the market to transform your ordinary concrete into a beautiful work of art please take a moment to look around our site to see what we can offer with our many years of experience and soon approaching  1,000,000 square feet of complete decorative concrete surfaces.

The Vision
Through experience and vision, That Can’t Be Concrete delivers striking results.


That Can’t Be Concrete specializes in the installation of acid stained concrete flooring and other decorative concrete products.  

​Let us transform your ordinary concrete into a beautiful work of art.